OGees Seed Beading Design Board
OGees Seed Beading Design Board - OGeesSeedBeadingDesignBoard | Tool for beading designs with variety of stitches

OGees Seed Beading Design Board

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OGees Seed Beading Design Board is a two-sided board, allowing design for a variety of stitches including square, peyote, peyote with a twist, herringbone, brick, loomed, ladder and more; in a variety of seed beads, delicas, and square beads.

OGees Board allows designs to be created using the actual beads intended for the design. No need for software programs or grid paper and colored pencils. The durable white board will show the bead colors brilliantly as you create your design.

Ten bead wells located on both sides hold beads as you create your design. OGees Board allows designs with seed beads sized 16/0 to 8/0, delicas and 1.8 mm small square beads. 

Changes to the design are made on the board with ease. Simply remove the unwanted beads and replace them with the included tweezers. No muss, no fuss.

Beads are nestled in the board. Rubber feet will prevent OGees Board from shifting on the work surface.  When it’s time to finish working on the design for the day, the board is gently lifted and moved out of the way until you are ready to resume creating your design.

Finished seed bead designs can be directly transferred row by row with threaded needle to a loom or hand stitched. No more stitching in the wrong bead. The finished design can also be left on the board as a guide, while using the bead wells of beads to string your design.

Tweezers included.


OGees Board measures 13" x 12.75" x .375" and weighs about 14 ozs.

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