• Hat Brim designed on OGees Board

  • How is this for scary?

    I've shared creations by Sandey LZ before, and this one is certainly worth sharing. It's her Day of the Dead necklace. Designed on OGees Board, con...
  • Customer's creations

    Telling you how great of a tool OGees Board is doesn't compare to showing you customer's creations. See what people more talented than me can create. 
  • Sand Fiber's NOT YOUR AVERAGE PLAID - by Mary GIlson

    "What a fun pattern! It's great to lay the beads out on my [OGees] board and then just quickly bead away," says Mary Gilson. Mary laid out Sand Fib...
  • Peyote with a twist

    My first peyote with a twist (PWAT) designed on OGees Board. I've been scared by PWAT. I've thought this must be a difficult stitch. So I did what...
  • A heartfelt peyote design

    S. Meyers says of OGees Board: "So easy to create your own designs with this! And more importantly, you can pick the beads up as you go so there's...
  • Peyote stitch made easy!

    It's so easy to design in seed bead with OGees Seed Beading Design Board. Use sizes 8/0 to 15/0 seed beads and delicas. Create in peyote, herringbone, right angle square, loom, brick and other stitches. Pick up the beads directly from the board with threaded needle and avoid realizing you picked up the wrong bead rows later. I know that happens to you. It used to happen to me.
  • Bead crocheting

    A bead crocheting  challenge to my fellow OGees Board beaders. At the Tucson  To Bead True Blue Show in February several ladies bought OGees Board,...
  • Tucson Bead Show Pictures

    Greetings, We spent last week at the Tucson To Bead True Blue Show, and we had the opportunity meet up with Sandy Elzea, whom we met last year at t...
  • Peyote necklace, 11/0 designed on OGees Board by Orly

  • Sandey's Latest beaded wall hanging

    Sandey Elzea (aka Sandey LZ) designed this beaded wall hanging on OGees Board, using 3,449 size 11/0 beads in a peyote stitch. The finished product...
  • Bead Magazines & OGees Board

    See what Beadwork and Bead&Button are saying about OGees Seed Beading Design Board!