Take advantage of our flat USA shipping rate. Buy an OGees Board for you, and a close friend. Or 2 for you. And don't forget, you can never have enough tweezers.


  • what a pretty design. i can’t wait until i get mine

    Nancy L Cook
  • I saw the Ogees Seed Beading Design Board on a Facebook ad. I watched the videos , explored the website and as luck would have it is almost my birthday. I had to have this board!

    This board is such a time saver. I do Seed Bead loom art. I usually design on grid paper, make a color board and then loom. if I change my mind, something doesn’t look quite right, I have to pull out that line (or many) and redo. I have been known to redo a piece several times. This board allows me to change my mind and redesign before I even string my loom! The freedom to be as creative as you want is outstanding.

    I highly recommend the Ogees Seed beading Design Board for both the beginner and the seasoned Beader. It is a fantastic tool.


    Teresa Whitaker, craftedbytw.com

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